Are You Ready to Change the World?

As a woman, you have the chance to achieve your dream while changing the world. We're here to help.


Catch our eye with a clear and concise pitch, no longer than 500 words, that clearly outlines your vision, mission, and where you will allocate the funds received by Her International to address the UNSDG of your choice. Will you be traveling abroad to address #13, Climate Change within an impoverished and toxic community? Will you be attempting to break a record and addressing a UNSDG along the way to raise awareness? We're open to creativity.


Here's where you get more detailed with your mission and deliverables. We won't attempt to limit you, but the proposal should be somewhere between 1,000-2,5000 words. Go into detail here; include your itinerary, the other people or organizations involved or who you'd like to work with, your sponsors (if any), we want to see the real deal and the hard work and commitment you've already devoted to your project.

Media Deck

You could call this the face of your project; the PDF that you'll be pitching to sponsors, investors, organizations for funding, and handing out at networking events in the form of a brochure. This is your project showcased through visuals; photos, social media numbers, awards or achievements you already have. The Media Deck should only be a page or two, but really highlight the best of you and the best of what you aim to achieve. Seeing is believing, create something powerful.


As an environmentally responsible company, we only accept submissions via e-mail, no paper applications will be accepted. Please ensure that your Proposal and Media Deck are sizable enough to send as an attachment and in either .doc, PDF or JPEG format. Include your pitch as the body of the email and the Subject as the following: "2018 Submission (followed by the name of your project)", and send to for submission. We look forward to reviewing your project!

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it." - Amelia Earhart

Her International: The Sky's The Limit

There's really no limitation to what type of projects we support, so long as they do support at least one of the UNSDG's. We support projects that take place both domestically, within your own country, or internationally. Examples of projects that would be considered are:
  1. Sailing from Tonga to Auckland in an effort to focus on UNSDG #14 (Life Below Water), by collecting water samples for Adventure Science to test fro the presence of micro plastics.
  2. Starting a magazine that focuses on addressing UNSDG #11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) through the launch of a specific project taking place in Los Angeles, California that works with Breathe LA to create a sustainable solution to the Los Angeles pollution problem.
  3. Running a marathon on each continent to break a world record and planting a tree after every race to support #13 (Climate Action).
  4. Developing an innovative solution to combat hunger in Chad and Niger #2 (Zero Hunger) and working together with a local non-profit in Chad and Niger to test and produce your solution.
  5. Starting your own non-profit designed to provide running events for women in Erbil, Iraq, addressing #3 (Good Health and Well-Being). 
*All examples have been made up by Her International.
We do not support projects that fall into the following categories: study abroad, vacations, backpacking/exploration trips, networking trips, self-discovery. Examples of projects that would be not be considered are:
  1. Traveling to Costa Rica to stay in a sanctuary and study reforestation, #13, Climate Action (the problem with this as that you are not working towards a solution to combat a UNSDG, you would rather be on a "vacation" or "field study").
  2. Couples trips without a mission
  3. Photo-journalism trips
  4. Personal business start-ups (other than 501(c)3)
  5. House restoration/personal projects
*Grants awarded by Her International can not be used toward personal use, and prior to receiving funds, an agreement will be signed by both parties.